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The Burn Center accepts military and civilians

Blood & Shock Resuscitation (CRT1)

The mission of CRT1 is uniquely focused on delivering solutions to decrease mortality and morbidities on the battlefield by leveraging efforts towards cellular hemorrhage control, prevention of hemorrhagic shock, and development of products and approaches to resuscitate combat casualties.

Arm Scan
IV Procedure
Medical Equipment

Highlighted Major Capabilities

  • Research Blood Donor Center
  • Whole Blood Collection
  • Apheresis Collection
  • Blood Center related Hematology Support
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Thromboelastography / Rotational Thromboelastmetry (TEG/ROTEM) / Aggregometry

2035 "paradigm-changing" efforts include:

  • Anti-shock drugs
  • Engineered dried whole blood alternatives

While moving toward these goals:

  • Next generation extended shelf-life Platelets
  • Next generation extended shelf-life Whole Blood
  • Cellular therapeutics for treatment of trauma indications
  • Improved blood containers suitable for unmanned aerial vehicle integration
  • Therapeutic strategies for acute radiation exposure combined with trauma