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The Burn Center accepts military and civilians


Referral Process

If you are a care provider seeking a burn consultation or to refer a patient to the USAISR Burn Center:

For southern Texas regional consults:

Step 1.

Pre-deployment Readiness Training
Contact STRAC MEDCOM at: 800-247-6428

Step 2.

STRAC MEDCOM will immediately connect you with a USAISR specialty Burn Surgeon.

Step 3.

Based on collaborative discussion:
  • An immediate care plan will be developed for the patient
  • A disposition plan will be determined
  • Transport arrangements will be addressed, if applicable

For all other consults:

Call 210-222-BURN (2876)
You will be connected directly
with a specialty Burn Surgeon.

This email is intended for non-emergency
burn consultation with the
US Army Burn Center staff.

We are available 24/7!

Red Phone
For burn related resources for healthcare providers, see further info at our deployed page.

Injury Prevention and Outreach

Injury Prevention and Outreach

Each year, over 450,000 individuals are seen in emergency departments, clinics, or physician's offices for the treatment of a burn injury in the United States and Canada. In 2014 alone, there were 3,275 recorded deaths from fire and smoke inhalation injuries. The majority of these injuries are preventable. The American Burn Association strives bring awareness to the causes of such devastating and costly injuries and encourages everyone to make simple environmental and behavioral changes that can save lives.

Injury Prevention

Facilitating community injury prevention is a primary goal of the USAISR Burn center. We hose events to educate the local community on fire and burn prevention at local health fairs and other community events. We provides a network of assistance for burn prevention to both the civilian and military communities through working relationships with a broad range of community and service organizations.


The USAISR Burn Center outreach program involves providing burn center expertise, information and leadership to institutions, agencies, and individuals with a region for the purpose of improving the care of injured patients. The outreach program allows the USAISR Burn Center to serve as the regions resource for the benefit of patients and providers.

Graduate Medical Education

The USAISR Burn Center is home to the Department of Defense's largest and most comprehensive burn training platform. In addition to a robust allied health education program, the USAISR Burn Center trains on average 150 military and civilian physician trainees per year from a variety of programs including residents from:

Injury Prevention and Outreach
  • Anesthesiology
  • Family Medicine
  • General Surgery
  • Internal Medicine
  • Ophthalmology
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Transitional Year rotation

In addition, the USAISR hosts several fellowship program rotations including:

  • Anesthesia Critical Care
  • Critical Care Medicine
  • Neuro Critical Care
  • Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine
  • Surgical Critical Care

GME rotations at the USAISR Burn Center are tailored to meet each rotating program's goals and objectives. Rotators at the USAISR Burn Center will be exposed to the overlapping phases of care for burn injured patients including:

  • Burn Shock Resuscitation
  • Management of Inhalation Injuries
  • Burn Wound Care
  • Definitive Burn Wound Management
  • Management of Electrical and Chemical Injuries
  • Foundations of Critical Care Management

The USAISR Burn Center faculty include internationally recognized researchers, editors in major specialty journals, and leaders in specialty societies. If you are interested in rotating at the USAISR Burn Center or looking for more information please contact the Graduate Medical Education Department.