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The Burn Center accepts military and civilians

Hemorrhage and Edema Control (CRT2)

The mission of CRT2 is to improve mortality and morbidity of combat casualties by controlling (1) hemorrhage from bleeding wounds; and, (2) edema formation following traumatic injury.

Scientist with Pipette
Scientist Opening Freezer

Highlighted Major Capabilities

  • Research models of traumatic hemorrhage or burn shock
  • Continuous monitoring of cardiovascular (telemetry) and respiratory function in research models
  • Intravital microscopy
  • Validated test platforms for emerging airway management and ventilation tools

2035 "paradigm-changing" efforts include:

  • Control of non-compressible hemorrhage before casualty reaches surgical capability
  • Optimization of microvascular stabilization using plasma, tranexamic acid (TXA) or other adjuncts to resuscitation to prevent compartment syndrome and improve resuscitation by retaining volume in the vasculature

While moving toward these goals:

  • Smart tourniquet
  • Evaluation of emerging hemostatic dressings for prolonged field care
  • Evaluation of emerging hemostatic foams for non-compressible hemorrhage
  • Plasma/TXA as resuscitation fluid/adjunct to reduce vascular leak
  • Improved endotracheal tubes with sensors